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Join me on an exploration of Presence through the medium of dance/tango.

Tango is special among the partner dances because it requires such a deep level of conscious connection. One must be attuned at all times to not only the outer dance: the music, the steps, your partner’s positioning, but also your inner dance: what is going on inside, what is the emotional connection, what are your fears and anxieties, what brings pleasure and satisfaction.

Tango is an exquisite medium for exploring and practicing the intricacies of intimacy. It demands many of the skills necessary to support and enhance this connection: gentleness, trust, sensitivity, vulnerability, patience, atunement, owning one’s axis, sharing one’s heart space, embracing your partner and your fears.

When we are fully present to the dance, our partner as well as ourselves, there is a nurturing at a deep soulful level that results. We experience not only the pleasure and delight that comes from co-creating something of beauty but we become immersed in the sense of divine Presence.

I believe that we are spiritual beings, that every encounter is a sacred encounter, that every shared space is holy, that every embrace is the warm enfolding of Divine Love. I invite you share this exploration with me, both on and off the dance floor.

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