Meet Aydan Dunnigan

Aydan and Patricia Dunnigan keep their heritage home in Edmonton open to the comings and goings of eight adult children and sixteen grandchildren. In addition to tango, they enjoy writing, hiking, skiing, photography, and most other outdoor activities.

After a short stint in the Lutheran ministry, Aydan entered social work and now works with adults with disabilities. Patricia keeps her finger in her consulting and counselling career but is happily devoting more of her time to grandmotherly duties.

Aydan has recently written Trauma to Tango, dancing through the shadows of unforgiven dreams. a memoir. 

It begins with sensitive accounts of the child's fall from innocence as a result of betrayal and abuse by a family member. From there his quest to reintegrate body and spirit takes him in and out of divergent religious and spiritual traditions, including a brief stint as a Lutheran pastor, and culminates with dancing tango in the salons of Buenos Aires.  This story offers the reader a moving and even occasionally humorous exploration of the impact of childhood abuse on the psyche and the intense inner work required to restorethe soul's lost dignity.

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