Space in Your Togetherness

Every time I create space for my partner (as a lead) I am sending her out on her own to explore, express, be creative, have fun. In the interval as I patiently wait for her return, I am enthralled by the skill and energy that my partner invests in beautifying the dance. When she reconnects in close embrace, we are both enriched by the elegance and creativity that has been added to our shared experience.

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Weaving together the Inner and Outer Dance.

What makes for a memorable tango dance, something you take home with you and warms your heart for a day or two after, maybe even gives you some insights into the subtleties of relationships?

Tango is about feeling and sensitivity, otherwise you are just doing gymnastics. You can do all the steps but it has to have the feeling and sensitivity of authentic tango.” — Carlos Gavito

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"Tango is nothing," and other mantras to dance by. An evening with Susana Miller

This is how we dance in Buenos Aires, in the small clubs, where the lights are dim and the floor is crowded and you are dancing with a stranger. There you do not care how it looks. No one is watching.

You care how it feels. Feeling is more important than form, than fancy steps. You go with the feel of the music, the flow of the floor, the warmth of your partner’s body against yours. This is milonguero. This is tango.

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Anti-Bullying and Tango

Tango is about communication, Good dancing is dependent upon the receptive and expressive communication skills of the lead and follow. Unless the partners are able to listen deeply to each other and adapt themselves to the emotional presence and technical proficiency of their partner, they will not be compatible as dance partners. They (typically the lead) will default to bullying.

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Music of the Spheres

Consider a dance where listening and spontaneity are valued over anticipating, fluidity over rigidity, attunement rather than judgement, responsiveness rather than expectations. We move together into mystery and possibility, each embracing  the generosity of shared axis and lead and interpretatingthe music, losing awareness of where you end and your partner begins.

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Entanglement Tango? pt. 1

I never cease to be amazed how, when my partner and I are attuned to each other, we internalize each other’s sense of timing. When I stretch a beat or skip it altogether my partner is right there with me, actually anticipating my movement even before I am consciously intending anything. This is no simple lead-and-follow routine. This is complete synchronization, synergy, communion, attunement, entanglement.

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