Equinox - A Time for Balance.

The equinox (vernal and autumnal) marks a  point of balance and equanimity in the calendar year, the time when day and night are equal duration.

The equinox is the tipping point. In traditional cultures, it also marks the time where all of life’s polarities and archetypal energies come into balance: sun and moon, light and dark, introspection and manifestation, masculine and feminine, abundance and scarcity, power and weakness, etc. It only lasts a day and then we move forward with recharged batteries and deepened wisdom into a time of productivity, planting and harvesting.

In former times the changing of the seasons were great cultural and religious festivals, marked by music and dance as well as sensual excesses (any excuse for a good party). To the pre-scientific mindset, not only was the change in seasons being acknowledged and honoured but that in some way tension between archetypal polarities were being lessoned and drawn toward resolution. In the dancing and celebration they were participating in and facilitating the shifts.

Tango clearly represents the dynamic tension between masculine and feminine energies and provides, at the same time, an exquisite social exercise for shared leadership and co-creative expression.

As male leads, if we dance force compliance to our lead by using physical strength, we are intensifying the power over and male dominance. ALternatively, if we dance with respect to our partner’s abilities or preferences, create time and space for adornments and individualized expression, adapt our dancing to our partners strengths and interests, open our hearts in positive affirmation to our partner, then we are in reinforcing a consciousness shift toward male and female partnership and we modelling what it means to share leadership.

The opportunity for this harmonic alignment is particularly strong during the equinox. I invite everyone to dance with attentiveness, attunement, and alignment with the stars as well as the music and your dance partner.