The Shape of Tango

“The shape of tango is made up of moments: a swift sudden entrance, a sweep of the foot, an advance, a retreat, a halt and a start, a displacement of the hips, and a freeze, as if hanging in air.” Pablo Ziegler 1997 ( grammy award winning, jazz-tango fusion composer)


At least, this is what we see.
If we know what to look for.
If the tango is being danced an an intuitive, creative level.

Of course, tango can be danced simply, in a straight ahead, arm's length, scripted sequences fashion, following the line of dance. Nothing wrong with that.

Why make the dance anymore complicated than it needs to be? Why not dance something that goes with the flow: smooth, free-flowing transitions that obeys the down-beat.

Because it can be more. With some partners, with some music, there is an opportunity, an invitation to experience and express something exceptional, something spiritually nourishing .

I am not referring to a novel step sequence or distinctive rhythmic response to the music. I am not even examining relational dynamics and communication styles.

I am speaking of the energetic conversion of two partners who attune to the music and to each other at such a depth that the third element of Presence enters in,  possesses, and directs the dance.

When we approach the dance in vulnerability, openness, gentleness, and trust, we feed into a Presence that nurtures and unites.

When this happens, Tango is potentially even more erratic, unpredictable and eccentric than the quote at the beginning suggests.