The Eyes Have it

It is a stroke of genius that the Tango ritualized eye contact -  the cabeceo - as the first and critical element of the dance proposal. This is where it all begins: Eyes connecting from across the room with an affirming nod, raised eyebrows, a look of permission, acceptance, expectation.

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Hard and Soft Dance Skills

Next time you are filling out a job resume, include dancing tango on your resume and list the following personality traits: sensitive, respectful, attentive, a good listener, leader and follower, self-aware, respectful of boundaries, #metoo -proofed, creative, flexible, a good team player, all in addition to being able to pivot on a dime!   

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Double Bubble Tango

Double Bubble Tango.

Have you ever felt as if you were the only couple on the dance floor, that you and your partner were in a world unto yourselves safely cocooned in your own universe, when all you were aware of, other than the music, was the warm, responsive movement of your partner?

Don’t we all want this feeling, all the time? What is the secret?

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Tango Crazies with Michael Young and Beatrix Satzinger

We dance to enjoy it. Not to put on a show but touch people’s hearts. I am not out there to impress people with what a wonderful dancer I am but to model how they can dance. It is a wonderful thing when it is simple. The best Tango dancers are not the ones who have developed this big repertoire of steps. It’s the ones who have developed a better understanding and awareness of their partner. When you can communicate with another person physically and emotionally, you’ve got it. That’s what makes it such a special dance. Michael Young

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The structure and the technical intricacies of Tango are the ideal medium for precision mirroring. We listen with deep attention to the minute details of our partner’s body positioning, places of tension and resistance, skill level and responsiveness to a lead. And our partner attends to our body positioning and energy with equal precision. In our attuned state of awareness, we enter into the most intimate and nourishing experience of finding ourselves mirrored in another.

(photo credit: Borden Park, Edmonton. ADV)

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Space in Your Togetherness

Every time I create space for my partner (as a lead) I am sending her out on her own to explore, express, be creative, have fun. In the interval as I patiently wait for her return, I am enthralled by the skill and energy that my partner invests in beautifying the dance. When she reconnects in close embrace, we are both enriched by the elegance and creativity that has been added to our shared experience.

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