Dancing With Presence


The Sacred Dance


The thrumming begins.

Music saturates the spheres

(to the key of B minor, so physicists say)

the invitation to dance emanating from deep within Creation's womb.


The sky blushes a deep rose.

The lips of dawn are parsed by the invocation of eager lovers.


Shall we dance-in this new day?

Shall we pivot, circle, spin into ecstasy,

hand-clapping, foot stomping, dosey-doeing,

pelvis thrusting, arms locking, resistance melting?


The body throbs,  

aching, yearning to pulsate to

the primal rhythm that melds diversity into unity, aloneness and belonging.


- ADV 2018


“Whoever makes all cares into a single care,
the care for simply being present,
will be relieved of all care by that Presence,
which is the creative power.”
Kabir Helminski (Sufi scholar)

"My wish, indeed my continuing passion, would be not to point the finger in judgment but to part a curtain, that invisible shadow that falls between people, the veil of indifference to each other’s presence, each other’s wonder, each other’s human plight."
Wallace Stevens (1879–1955), Pulitzer-winning poet.