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Join me on an exploration of conscious connection:

What does it feel like to be close to someone,
… to share a moment of sensual intimacy,
… to be caught up in the euphoria of co-creating something of beauty?

Tango is an exquisite medium for exploring and practicing the intricacies of intimacy. It demands many of the skills necessary to support and enhance this connection: gentleness, trust, sensitivity, vulnerability, patience, atunement, owning one’s axis, sharing one’s heart space, embracing.

Bonus: The most treasured gift of this practice is that one takes home from the dance floor this inner expansiveness. This experience on the dance floor is internalized as a body awareness that enriches all our loving relationships. After all, tango may be a dance of love, but it only lasts for 12 minutes. Our other loves, if we tend to them carefully, last a lifetime.

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